Travel to Great Britain and Ireland after 1.1.2012

The animal must be:

  • microchipped (tattoos not sufficient)
  • Must have valid vaccination against rabies by the veterinarian-vaccination is valid for 21 days after the day of administration, which has been carried out on a already microchipped animal which is more than 3 months old (the date of microchipping must be prior to the date of vaccination)
  • Accompanied by a pet passport issued by an authorized veterinarian
  • Treated by an authorized veterinarian against echinococcosis for at least 24 and not more than 120 hours (5 days) prior to entry into the territory of the United Kingdom,

(The deworming  consists of administration of medicinal product containing an appropriate dose of praziquantel or pharmacologically active substances which, in themselves or in combination with other active substances, have proven to reduce the infestation of the host species of adults and non-adult intestinal forms of the parasite  echinococcus multilocularis)

  • Treatment against echinococcosis  is not necessary if the animal comes from Finland, Ireland or Malta
  • The treatment against ticks is no longer necessary


As a carrier, we reserve the right to audio-visually record the pet and use the material for our marketing purposes.