We are a company specializing in professional transport of animals

Our shipping company Irsko kurier was founded in 2007, with the core of the business being international transport of packages and removals for Slovak and Czech community living in Ireland and Northern Ireland. Later, our services were also used by other companies and businesses, which needed transport of goods between Ireland, Slovakia and Czech Republic. We were gaining our experience with transport of animals practically right form the start.

In 2016 we have expanded to the UK market, under the name of the UK Kurier. At the end of 2018, Pet-Trans.eu was founded, which specializes only in the professional transport of animals within the European Union.

Registered and regulated courier company for transporting of animals

Our shipping company meets all the legal requirements for transporting animals within the European Union. Our staff are certified long haul drivers. We also have a specially adapted vehicle that is approved by the state Veterinary and Food Administration of Slovakia (Svps sr).

Our vehicle


We are operating a specially adapted vehicle approved by the State Veterinary and Food Administration (SVPS SR).

The animals are travelling in special and tailor-made transport boxes, which provides them with maximum possible safety when travelling. To do this we build on our experience since 2007, from when we started safely transporting animals. Experience is one of the keys to success.


This vehicle travels faster and smother than a standard fully loaded long wheelbase van.

With us, your pets do not travel with other packages and items or in freely laid or otherwise unsecured carrier boxes! Our staff, which are certified Type 2 long haul drivers, are also key to fast transportation. We also employ a team of logistics experts at our head office, who carefully plan and monitor the optimal route.


The transport area where your pets travel is independently airconditioned/heated. The temperature is always monitored and adjusted as needed to achieve maximum comfort during the duration of transport.

Our vehicle has independent heating, cooling and ventilation. We provide the maximum possible comfort throughout the transport, regardless of the season!